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The best salon at Valencia: Uñas en New York

Hello my pretties! Today I come to show you what, in my opinion, is the best nail salon in Valencia: Uñas en New York. For me to take care of my hands is something very important, they are a letter of introduction of me. Hands are always seen (unless you wear gloves): at work, when you stay with someone, when you shake hands, when you hug … But most importantly, you see them every minute. And this is fundamental, because loving and pampering oneself has many benefits beyond aesthetics: the feeling of well-being and independence that you get compensates for the time and money you invest in it.

Since nails care is an important part of my beauty routine, I have many tools to do a maintenance at home (something essential, but I’ll show you my routine in another post), but there’s nothing like going to a professional. Although it also depends on what professional. I have tried many beauty salons in Valencia, and I can tell you that none convinces me as much as Uñas en New York.

The first thing you find is the wonderful setting they have. As you can see in the photos you enter inside of the Chrysler Building in New York, a retro and vintage aesthetic but at the same time modernist, that I love! In this way, the sensation of disconnection and relaxation that I seek with this type of treatments is achieved instantaneously, besides it is wonderful to look up and lose yourself in a space conceived with such care.

But, if this were not enough, the professionals who work in this salon are unparalleled. I think I’ve been with almost all of them, and they’re wonderful. They work with great care and paying close attention to details. I have never left thinking: they have left this small skin to pull, or they have passed the polish and I have to remove it at home. And I have some difficult nails (you will see them in the photo from before), because I have a very wide cuticle, and they have never hurt me.

They also know their products perfectly, so they advise you in a great way about what manicure or colour to put on (with some exceptions, I always let them choose the colour I’m going to wear). They work with normal Opi lacquer, Infinite Shine and Opi Gel (my favourite, because it holds the passage of time without losing a bit of brightness).

In addition, they have now incorporated OZN products, which are vegan, not tested on animals and 100% biodegradable. I had the opportunity to try its cream in the post-manicure massage (yes, my friends, they give a massage to the elbow in the manicure and up to the knee in the pedicure), and I loved its moisture and that smell as clean.

And finally, I tell you that now you can book an appointment through the APP MYbeautyapp, the most comfortable in the world! Adding that you have free WIFI in the salon, that they offer you a soft drink or tea while you are there, and that it is right in the centre of Valencia, what else can you ask for?

And I have left for the end the photos of the pedicure chairs (that make me crazy), in a wonderful retro chic atmosphere. But what I want to emphasize is your comfort. Nothing that they put you in an armchair or on the same waxing table with a basin (yes ladies, I’ve lived that). Here you are lying in that wonderful chair, which also has several massage positions, so that, while you are receiving pampering on your feet you can also relax the body, while you enjoy your drink with a wonderful music (being pampering while listening to Blur, The Jam, Tears for Fears and the like is priceless).

I hope you are encouraged to try it, because you will repeat!! Thousand kisses pretties: X

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