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My pretties! Today I inaugurate a new section of the blog: Paula’s Mood! When I started my journey with the blog (hving only a few minutes at day, with much respect and a lot of inexperience, feelings that make you taking new projects more seriously if possible), I just focused on showing my looks. What I showed you was my everyday life through fashion: my combinations, my mixes, the styles I like the most and the ones I identify with the most … But I never thought about sharing anything beyond fashion, because I always thought that nobody would be interested ;P

It has been through Instagram (that powerful tool that unites (and disunites) people, regardless of their age, education or lifestyle) where I realized that I could share more aspects of my life. My LIKES.

And this is a big challenge, since I presuppose SHARING and OPENING are parts of my life that I’m not used to share (I’m quite reserved for things that refer to myself).

So, after private messages, replies to stories and other gifts that you have given to me, I have decided to show you what I like (and what I do not, not least), and so we are getting even closer 😊

If after this “short” introduction you are still here, I am going in the right direction. And if not, I hope to continue seeing you through other sections, but please, stay here :X

The section that concerns us today (one of my pillars that has shaped me as I am) is CINEMA. It’s one of my passions, probably because my parents are great moviegoers, and my sister and I grew up with Frank Capra, Alfred HitchcockBlake Edwards y Billy Wilder, to give some examples. We have cried, laughed and embraced the four, and now that each one has a more marked path we continue doing it, sometimes together and sometimes separately, but we follow the path of yellow bricks 😊

I make a point to comment that I do not BARE with the people who go of what they are not, like the people who say: – “I am very cinephile” –, and as soon as you start asking for names of actors, directors, band composers (the film is much more than the director and the main actor, you hear), then you get an: – “Oh, I do not know the names, but I’m very cinephile”. Well, not my FRIEND, you’re not cinephile. You are a movie consumer (like almost everyone), and you know some data, but from there to cinephilia, there is a great leap of faith. There is nothing better to go than what we are and not going what we are not (yes, as you see the subject in question twitches me a bit).

As for cinema, my tastes are varied. I can enjoy a great classic like Captains Courageous (which I’m unable to see again because I’m going to cry a river) or thinking about how to cleanse the bloody remains after seeing the great Quentin Tarantino in action, or enjoy teleported to the magic of my favourite director of all: TIM BURTON.

In the end what I love is what goes out of the ordinary, the monotony, what you do not expect, hence the fantasy is one of my biggest engines (maybe sometimes too strong), and that leads me to detest the predictable (it will be difficult for you to see me in a corny romantic movie that you can guess its ending even before you see it). And that’s why I enjoyed a genre of films in which I am absolutely alone: ​​the movie freaks of mutant creatures, faithful follower and fan of its greatest exponent, the delirious and delicious SHARKNADO.

cine, peliculas, Sharknado

How does this translate into fashion? There are millions of ways: from recreate some look of your favourite character or get an iconic garment from a movie, or to inspire and make a “type” look and attach certain outfits to your style and life.

For example, one thing I love is mixing movie t-shirts (which I love, I do not BARE with people who buy T-shirts because they’re in fashion, and they have no idea what they’re wearing or why), with lady outfits for the office (with pencil skirt and stilettos especially). I show you these links to different posts where you can see some ideas (here, here, here y here) and I think I’ll leave you for today. I swear (word of Gryffindor) that next post will be the review of a movie (it does not have to be current), that either I just see or just whispered that I have to tell you something ….

Millions of kisses pretties if you’re still here. I beg your pardon, but the lyrics are my thing 😊



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